Tylo Sauna Heater Benefits
Highest Quality & Most Distinctive Benefits

The heart of every sauna is the sauna heater. Tylö sauna heaters are widely renowned and greatly respected for their high quality and distinct features - but not everyone knows all the reasons for this. That’s why we’d like to take this opportunity to point out some of the most important benefits of the Tylö design and explain what this means for you. Read on to find out why the hottest range of sauna heaters on the market knocks all the others cold.

Quickest heat-up time. Twin side chambers maximize the through-flow of air, minimize heat-up time and economise on running costs. No other sauna heater uses less energy.

The lowest energy consumption. Test after test confirms that Tylö is the most energy-efficient sauna heater.

The most even bathing temperature. A divided output is the secret behind the constant bathing temperature and lower energy consumption of a Tylö heater. Divided output means the heaters elements cycle in stages. For the initial heat up all elements are on, then two of the three elements go off in stages - one always stays on and others cycle on as needed. Other heaters go on/off, on/off, etc. causing a temperature swing. Tylo heaters maintain an overall higher and more consistent temperature.

The finest material quality. Only Tylö has a solid-cast top, inner casing and stainless steel stone compartment.

The best heating elements. Tylö is the only sauna manufacturer to produce its own heating elements - the very heart of every heater. High quality here is crucial for a long service life, and Tylö elements are widely regarded as unsurpassed.

Optimum water sprinkling. A deep generously proportioned stone compartment, and direct contact between the stones and the heating elements ensure perfect water sprinkling with 100% vaporisation.

The right quantity of stones. Tylö makes sure that the quantity of stones is perfectly matched to the output. Too many stones prolong heating-up times, leading to higher energy consumption and poorer steam generating performance. Tylö heaters are also the only ones on the market that can be used with or without stones.

Built-in humidifier. This unique Tylö feature further enhances your sauna bathing experiences.

Superior performance. With a Tylö heater you can enjoy a pleasant sauna, wet or dry, at whatever temperature you choose from 40-110°C.

Safe to touch. "Thermosafe" velvety covering ensures a low surface temperature - just 40°C on the front and sides of the heater.

Best in test. Time and time again Tylö has scored top marks in Finnish sauna tests. Tylö was first awarded the coveted ‘Best in Test’ accolade in competition with seven Finnish heaters in 1982. A test published in a Finnish magazine (Kuluttaja no. 5, 1995) confirmed that Tylö also has the quickest heating-up time and lowest energy consumption. A SEMKO test in April 1999 confirmed this result, and also proved that the steam generating performance of Tylö heaters was unrivalled. (Click here to view test results).


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