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Sauna Craft Heaters

  • Baffled shell construction provides enhanced airflow for quicker heat-up time.
  • The most versatile & dependable sauna heater; the CW series can be mounted on a straight wall OR in a corner.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Low watt density heating elements.
  • Built-in high temperature safety cut-off
sauna craft cwm model sauna heater sauna craft cw-stl model sauna heater sauna craft tpt3 standard sauna control
sauna craft epc-9 electronic sauna control

Tylo Sauna Heaters

  • Tylö sauna heaters are greatly respected and widely renowned for their high quality.
  • Twin side chambers minimize heat-up time.
    Divided output elements.
  • Solid-cast top, inner casing and stainless steel stone compartment.
  • Deep generously proportioned stone compartment.
  • All-over Thermosafe covering ensures a low surface temperature.
  • Best in test: Time and time again Tylö has scored top marks in Finnish sauna tests.
  • Tylo Combi: Tylo Combi model is quite simply the most sophisticated sauna heater on the market - the only heater that lets you enjoy traditional saunas and steam or herbal saunas (Tylarium™) in one and the same room.

tylo combi sauna heater

Tylo Sense Combi
Steam Producing
Sauna Heater

tylo super sport sauna heater

Tylo Sense Sport Sauna Heater

tylo deluxe sauna heater with electronic control

Tylo Sense Pure
Sauna Heater with Pure Control

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